Welcome to Kettle Corn Hawaii

Kettle Corn Hawaii started in October of 2009 as a side business and has quickly grown into a fun filled event with family and friends making popcorn on a weekly basis.  The kettle corn popcorn is hand made in a 160 quart kettle and bagged individually.  Kettle corn popcorn is a growing industry in Hawaii with more and more companies selling the sweet and salty sensation. 


Kettle Corn Hawaii makes the popcorn on site at public events.  Keep looking at our website for the next time we pop or sign up as a friend on Facebook to find out where we’ll be.  The popcorn sales is based on availability so call us at 306-2444 and we’ll let you know if there is popcorn available that day. 


Advance notice is required for large orders.



Make sure you like us on Facebook to find out about where we will be selling fresh Kettle Corn.

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