Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the popcorn last?

It really depends on the environment in which the popcorn is kept.  Once opened the popcorn will last approximately one week.  If stored in an air conditioned or cool, dry place the popcorn will last much longer.


How far in advance do I need to place an order?

When placing large orders for fundraisers we would need at least 3 days notice.  However, if you want to place a small order you may be in luck if we’re popping that night.  The best thing to do is call us at 306-2444 and we’ll let you know when is the soonest we can fill your order. 


Is the colored popcorn a different taste from the natural colored popcorn?

The only difference is food coloring so there is no difference in taste.  (Although some people swear there is a difference!)


Do you make extra large bags so we can re-package the popcorn?

Yes. We do have bulk size bags for $60 per bag, which is the size of a trash bag.

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For questions or to place orders, contact Sam Aiona. 

Phone: (808) 306-2444


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